Branches allow you to divide your e-learning offering into different logical units (or ‘departments’), each with its own courses, users, professors and branding (sub-domain, theme, logo, currency, payment gateway etc.). 

Branches can be a flat list or form a nested hierarchy.

To create a new branch, you would click on the  “Add Branch” button.

Provide the desired name (1) for the branch, an optional parent branch (2) – if this new branch you are creating would be a child branch of some other branch. Finally, you can provide the desired URL for the branch (3).

The panel for editing an existing branch is similar to the “add branch” panel but also contains tabs to see the branches Users, Courses, Curriculums and extra Settings.

The Users, Courses and Curriculum tabs are simple tabular listings of the Users, Courses, and Curriculums assigned to the branch respectively, and allow you to download this information in Excel-compatible CSV format (1).

In the Settings tab, you would be able to view Options, LDAP and SAML. Regarding LDAP and SAML (2) check out the corresponding articles in our Knowledge Base. You can set up the way users login to this branch.


Regarding the Options, these are the settings that concern only this branch. You can set up the following:

  • Site name: The site name for this specific branch
  • Site motto: The site motto for this specific branch
  • Language: The default language for this specific branch
  • Theme: The theme for this specific branch
  • Registered users limit: use this to set the total number of users allowed to be registered in this branch and its sub-branches. Leave blank for unlimited
  • Concurrent users limit: use this to set the total number of users allowed to be logged in to the branch and its sub-branches at the same time. Leave blank for unlimited
  • Max online branch users notification goes to: use this to decide which email address is used to inform that the allowed users limit in the branch has been reached
  • New users require approval: Check this if the system administrator should approve any new users that are created by the branch admin
  • Course assignments deduct balance: Check this if you require the branch administrators to pay for the courses assigned to their users, using their balance