You can delete courses, modules and users from the platform at any time. But by doing so you do not remove them from the platform: first these contents will be available in the archive.

When you access the archive it will be divided in three areas: Courses, Modules and Users. In each of them you will find the contents that you deleted and the date in which you did it. With these contents you can perform 2 operations:

Delete them permanently: you should press the delete button (to delete one by one) or choose to select the “Delete All” button (to delete all contents at once). This action is irreversible, once the contents of the file have been deleted you will not be able to access them again;

Recover them by clicking the Restore button (if you have deleted them by mistake);

The contents of the archive do not expire, that is, they are not automatically deleted after a certain period of time. We therefore advise you to clean the archive regularly so that it does not take up space on the platform that could be optimised for the performance of your courses.