To create custom reports you must:

  • Go to Reports, select the “Customise” column and click on the option “Create your first report“;
  • Afterwards, in the field “Report Title” you must give it a name and select which fields you want to be in the report by selecting one or several options in the field “Output Information“, for example “Login Name” and “Score”.
  • If you wish, you can further customise the report by applying specific rules. For example, you can create the rule “enrolled in course”, select one or more courses and, this way, the report will bring the login name and the score only of the trainees enrolled in that specific course.
  • It is also possible to schedule the exportation of this report. For that, in the field “Allowed” you must put the option “yes” and then fill the remaining fields according to the timings and recipients you want. That is, you can define that every Monday morning you want to receive in your e-mail the personalized report that you created.
  • To finish, click on “Save“.