To use Gamification in your courses you should follow these steps:

  • Go to System Settings and select Gamification.
  • A screen will soon appear where you should activate gamification (in the top right corner) and where you can assign as many points as you want to each activity that the student will perform afterwards. To save these changes select the “Save” button;
  • In the column “Medals” you can decide which medals to give to trainees and check the periodicity with which they are given.
  • The trainee can also go from level to level. For that purpose in the column “Levels” you must decide the criteria for the student to move from level to level.
  • When gamification is active, trainees will have access to a Grade Table where they can consult their points and those of their classmates. In the “Grade Table” column you can define which fields you want to include in the table that the trainees will have access to.
  • Finally, in the “Customize” column you can customize the medals that are being awarded to trainees by changing either the name of the medal or its image.

When the student is in their personal area they can see their points that appear next to the cup icon that appears in the top right hand corner of the page.

If you click on the number of points you can also access the league table and see your ranking.