An “Assignment” is a specific type of course unit. To add an assignment to a course, go to the “Dashboard” tab on the course’s page and click on the “Add Content” (1) button. From the drop-down menu pick the “Add assignment” (2) option.


On the “Assignment” page, first, enter a name for your new assignment. Then, from the “How to complete it” section, pick one of the two available completion rules:

  • “When instructor accepts the answer” (3) is the default option. It means that an assignment is considered completed only when the instructor has reviewed and graded it. If the “Serial rule” is active, learners cannot continue to the next unit before the assignment has been completed.
  • “When submitting an answer” (4) is your other option. It means that an assignment is considered completed upon submission. If the “Serial rule” is active, learners can still proceed to the next unit, even if the assignment has not been reviewed and graded by the instructor.

After picking a rule, you can add a description (5), upload files relevant to the assignment (6), and set a starting and an ending date (or only the latter) (7). Click on “Update” to save your new assignment unit.


On the assignment page, learners can view all the necessary information and submit their answer both by typing it in a text field (8) and by uploading it as a file (9). To complete the action, they simply have to click on the “Submit answer” (10) button.