To create a survey, follow the steps below:

  • Within the Course, select the Module to which you want to add the test and select Add Content> Add Survey ;
  • In the new window, you must assign a Name (required) and description to the survey. It also has a series of Advanced Settings that you may or may not fill out. After completing this information, you must select “Save and select questions”.
  • After creating the survey you must add questions. To do this, click on the “Add Question” button and select the type of question you want to add to the test.
  • If you want to add questions that you have asked in previous surveys you must select the option “Show Questions from“, select the Module in which the question was created previously, and under Use select the option “Yes“. With this function you can add it to the survey right away, without having to create the question again.
  • If you wish, you can also preview the survey by selecting the option “View Survey”. With this option, you can not only view the survey, but also perform it and ensure that the test is operational for the trainees.