In addition to the homepage, it is possible to create additional pages on the MOQI Platform. To do so you must:

  • Go to Themes and on the “Site Builder” tab select the “Add” option and then “Page”;
  • In this new window, in the Primary Attributes fields, the type should leave “Template” and you should give the title to the page (for example, about us, who we are, or other of your preference;
  • The data to put in the Search Engine Optimization are not mandatory, you can fill them if you want your page to be easily identified by search engines;
  • You can also define the behaviour of this page, that is, define if you want it to be visible before login, after login or both.
  • After filling all the data mentioned above you should press the “Create” button and you will have created your page.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want and create only one or several pages.

After creating the page you should add content and for that, in the “Site Builder” you should have selected the page you created (the selected page is the one that is coloured) and add blocks to the columns.

The process of building this page is the same as the process of building the homepage. To learn more about how to customise your new page see this MOQI Academy article.