In MOQI Platform it is possible to completely customize the homepage of your platform. It’s up to you if this page will only have a login area, a login area and the course catalogue, or if beyond this you still want to add images, videos, contacts, among others.

The homepage consists of three columns (left, central and right) where you can place blocks and thus build the layout.

To do so, you should:

  • Go to Themes and select the option Site Builder;
  • On this page you will see the three columns and in each one you must place the block you want;
  • There are pre-existing blocks on the platform (such as the Course Catalogue block, Login block, among others) but you can also create your own block in order to place the content you want;
  • To create a block you must select the “Add” option and then “Block“;
  • On the new page you must give a name to the block and select the type of block that you want to create (text only, only with image, with both, etc) and click on Create;

After you have created all the blocks that you need, you must then add them to the column that you want for the homepage to look as you want it to.

Before going online you can select the “Preview” option that will show you how the page you have built looks.

When you have finished you should select the “Put Online” button so that these changes are available to everyone.