PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods. To set up MOQI to accept payments through PayPal, first you need to set up a new account with PayPal.

Creating a PayPal account and obtaining the required information

Creating a PayPal account is easy and straightforward. Go to the PayPal signup page and enter your email and desired password.

Once you have done so, your PayPal account should be ready. The next step that you will need to do is to get a PayPal Client id and Secret, in order to set up your Payment Gateway in MOQI.

Go to PayPal’s developer page and log in with the credentials you have just used to create your PayPal account. Then visit your Dashboard. Over there you can create and manage REST API apps. You will need to create a new REST API app. Go to ‘My Apps’ and on then the ‘Create New App page’and provide an app name.

Once you have done so, click Create App, and then review the information displayed on your app. Among the information about your app, you shall find your Client Id and Secret.

Copy paste this information to your MOQI system settings in order to set up the PayPal payment gateway.

If you are looking for more information about creating and managing PayPal apps take a look here.

Setting it Up

Once you have obtained your PayPal Client Id and Secret go to your MOQI system, and navigate to your System Settings and then go to eCommerce (1). Over there in the ‘Gateway’ (2) section select PayPal as the option for your ‘Payment gateway’ (3) and then you will see the corresponding options appearing (4).


Enter your Client ID and Secret and select the corresponding option, Sandbox or Live depending on the status of your PayPal app.

Performing a purchase

Once you have set up PayPal as your default payment gateway, your students will be able to buy MOQI course through PayPal. Once they log in to their account, they can select new courses to purchase from the course catalog (1).


Navigating to the course catalog will show you a list of all available for sale course. The users can click on the Add to cart button (2) in order to add the courses they want to their shopping cart.


The user can keep looking for other courses to add to his/her shopping cart or can proceed to checkout (3).


Proceeding to checkout will redirect the user to his shopping cart, where they will be presented with the option to pay with PayPal (4).


Clicking on Pay with PayPal button will redirect the user to PayPal where they can finish the payment process.

Going back to MOQI, your user will be able to access this course and take its content.