Jobs enable you to divide your students according to their role in your organization or company. This can be helpful in enterprise e-learning situations, allowing you to assign courses to people with specific job positions. Jobs are a handy attribute for defining dynamic ‘Audiences’ (check also the article about Audiences). 

The Jobs section shows a tabular listing of all defined jobs, along with the branch they belong to (1) (if set), and the number of users holding that job (2). From the listing, you have the option to edit or delete an existing job (3) or create a new one (4). The Job listing can be downloaded as an Excel-compatible CSV file (5).


To create a new Job, click the “Add Job” button, and enter the desired name, and an optional Branch that the job will be constrained in, number of maximum users allowed having this job and a short description (1).


Through the Users tab (2) you can assign users to the Job directly or un-assign the users that already hold the job. Finally, through the Courses tab (3) you can assign specific courses to the job to be automatically assigned to the users that hold this position.

Note: Unlike groups, when adding a user to a job, the user is automatically enrolled to all of the job’s courses. Similarly, when adding a course to a job, it is assigned to all of the job’s users.