In this article we will explain what Google Tag Manager is and how to integrate it with the MOQI Platform.

GTM is a Google tool that allows the creation and monitoring of tags (labels) for tracking actions on a website, without having to manually mess with the code of each page. By centralising code management in GTM, marketing gains autonomy and improves productivity.

To have access to these functionalities you just need to create a GTM account, insert the code in the MOQI Platform and you will have everything in place to create the tags that will monitor the users’ actions on the platform in a simpler and faster way.

You can learn more about GTM by taking the following Google certified course:

To integrate GTM with the MOQI Platform you should follow these steps:

  • Go to System Settings > Integrations;
  • Go to the Google Manager Tab, select the option “Activate TagManager” and in the field “Tag ID” put the ID of your Google Tag Manager account.

After completing this data the integration will be complete.