The MOQI platform is translated into 27 different languages.

To be able to use the languages on the platform you must activate them. For that you must go to the Languages functionality and in the “Status” column activate the ones that you wish to use.

After having activated the languages change the main language of the platform to one of those you have selected. To do so, you must:

  • Go to System Settings > Date and Language and in the “Default Language” field select the one you want to be the main language.

The default language will then be the one that all users will see when accessing the platform. However, if you have users on your platform whose main language is different from the default platform language you can assign them a different language

To assign a user a language other than the default you should:

  • Go to Users;
  • Select the user you want to assign a new language;
  • Edit his profile;
  • In the field “Languages” select the language you want to assign to this particular user

After saving these changes, although the default language is one, this user when accessing the platform will see it in the language defined in his profile.

In the languages functionality you can also change expressions. In order to do so, you must:

  • Go to Languages;
  • In the column “Operations” select the pencil button (edit);
  • In the column on the left hand side put the current expression;
  • In the right column place the expression you wish to replace the current one and submit.

Note: The platform does not translate the contents entered by client