The massive importation of users into the MOQI Platform is divided into two phases: filling in the CSV file and uploading the data onto the platform.

To fill in the CSV file you must:

  • Extract the file from the platform by going to “Maintenance > Import from CSV > Download Example”;
  • Fill in the file with the data of the trainees;
    o In the “active” column enter “1”;
    o In the “user_type” column enter the type of user (trainer, trainee or administrator);
    • In the “need_pwd” column put “1”;
    • In the “language” column put “en_EN.utf8”;
    • In the “timezone” column put “Europe/Lisbon”;
    • In the “is_ldap” column put “0”;
    • Leave blank the columns “branch_public_id” and “branch_name” (unless you want to enroll the trainee directly in a branch and in that case you must put the name of the branch to which you want to enroll him);
    • Create a last column with the formula “Concatenate” to join all the data that you have filled in before.
  • After filling in the file correctly, copy the data from the last column (where all the trainees’ data is concentrated), paste it into a notepad (to remove the formatting) and copy it again to then upload it to the MOQI platform.

To upload the data to the platform you must:

  • Go to Maintenance > Import from CSV;
  • Make sure that the Data type field is “Users”;
  • Define what to do with the duplicates: ignore or restore;
  • Select whether or not to suppress the notifications: If you choose to suppress the notifications, the trainees will not receive an email saying that they have been enrolled on the platform;
  • Select the option “… or click here to import using text“. By selecting this option a text box will appear where you should paste the information you have extracted from the CSV file you created.
  • Finally you must confirm that the data is correct and click on “Import” and all the users will be enrolled in the platform.

If you need help in this process do not hesitate to send an e-mail to [email protected]