When we are building a test we have several different question types that we can select from. In this article we will explore some of these question types.

Blank Spaces
To create this type of question you should write some text and leave spaces to be filled in by the trainees. To create the blanks you must enter “###” and select the “Blanks” button. After creating the blank space you must write the correct answer so that later the platform can correct the answer.
If you want to create a blank space but give the trainees options you must write the several possible answers separated by a vertical bar, for example: blue|yellow|red, and the platform will assume the first option as being the correct answer.
After creating the question you can immediately preview how it will look.

Open-Ended Response / Upload File
To create an open-answer question you must place the question text, decide if the answer will have a text area, an area for uploading documents or a mixed area. You must then decide how the question will be marked and you can add an example answer.
The question for students will look like this:

Open Answer with Keywords
To create this type of question you must enter the question text and then set some keywords that the answer should contain. This question may be marked either because it contains certain words or because it does not contain certain words, depending on which option you select. You must then decide whether the answer must contain certain words or not, define these words and the number of points it is worth. Finally you must also state with how many points the answer is considered to be correct so that the platform can automatically correct the question.

Multiple Choice – One Correct Answer
To create a multiple-choice answer with one correct answer you must write the question text and place the desired answer options. To assign more answer choices press + and to assign fewer answer choices press -. After setting the text and the answer options you must select the correct option.
The question will look like the image below and, logically, trainees will not see the correct option selected.

Multiple Choice – Correct answers
The construction of this question type is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that in this question we can select multiple correct answers. Therefore, after defining the question text and options we can select as many correct answers as we wish.

In this type of question you must write the question text and then write matching words or phrases in each of the columns provided.
The learner has to choose the correct match for each of the options that appear.