To create this question type you must type a statement into the question text and on the correct answer select either True or False depending on whether the statement is true or false.

Drag and Drop
In the question text you must contextualise the options you will give students to answer and then write in each of the columns statements that correspond.
The student options in each column will appear unordered and students must drag the correct option and drop it next to the one they think is correct.

You must frame the matrix by placing some text from the question. You must then set the text for the rows and columns of the matrix. The matrix can include different numbers of rows and columns. When all options have been filled in you must click on the “Create matrix” button and select the correct answers.
You can also set the method by which the question is corrected: whether the question is only correct with the full matrix or whether each row is counted.

Access Point
In the question text you must put what you want the trainee to identify in the image that you are going to insert. Next, you must upload the desired image and finally select in the image the point/s that the student must click on to get the correct answer. The platform will automatically generate a coordinate that will be used to determine whether the learner’s answer is right or wrong.

This is used to select a set of questions (previously created) that can appear randomly to the student. It works like a surprise question.