Vouchers are used to give discounts on course purchases using a code.
To create Vouchers you must:

  • Go to the Vouchers functionality;
  • Click on “Add Vouchers“;
  • Give a name and value to the voucher, define for how long is it valid, to which course it applies and how many vouchers you want to create;
  • After all the information is filled in you should select the “Submit” button.
  • After submitting you will have a list of all the vouchers you have already created;
  • To have access to the code of each voucher in the “Vouchers” column you should click on the eye button where you will then have the voucher codes to share and assign discounts on the courses.
  • When the person to whom you gave the voucher code goes to buy the course should put it where it says “insert coupon number” to have access to the discount.