To integrate Zoom with the MOQI Platform you must know the Zoom Key and Zoom Secret. To obtain this data you must follow these steps

  • Go to:;
  • Select JWT;
  • Fill in all the fields and save;
  • Then the key and apisecret will appear, which you must then put on the MOQI Platform.

To enter this data, go to the MOQI Platform:

  • System Settings > Integrations > Conferences
  • In the Service you must put Zoom, fill in the Zoom Key, Zoom Secret (with the data you obtained previously) and select which zoom plan you have.

Subsequently in Zoom you must register the trainers and/or people you want to be allowed to start conferences in the MOQI Platform.
To do this you must:

  • Create the user in Zoom;
  • The user created receives an email to confirm the registration;
  • After the user has confirmed the registration, it will appear in Zoom and you should put it in a group.

When you create the events on the MOQI platform you have to fill in the field “choose the host”. The people registered in the group you created in Zoom will be the people who will appear to be selected in this field and who can start the conference.